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Bible Study Summit: Arabah Joy

Uncategorized Jun 23, 2020

I got to interview my friend, Arabah Joy for the Bible Study Summit and our conversation left my heart encouraged. She shared about how she got started in Bible Study, talked about her daily reading and study routine and shared some helpful resources for getting started!

She covered a lot of ground in our 20 minute chat, but I want to take a minute and highlight an important distinction she made between Bible Study and Bible Reading:

Both matter deeply, but they are not the same.

In Bible study you catch the beauty of nuance. Through word studies and context research, you get a glimpse into the intricate ways God communicates with our hearts. 

AJ shared a specific example of this in her own life that caught my attention (and I think will catch yours too!) She started to study the word “stumble” as it is used in scripture (specifically as it was used in Matthew 18:6). She knew that as a child, she had been made to stumble by others and struggled to believe that it didn’t have to define her life forever. But then, in her word study she found that Jesus uses the same word in Luke 22:32 when he talks to Peter. Peter has “fallen away” (which she discovered is the same word as “Stumbled” !!) but Jesus plans for Peter's return to mature faith, restoration and fruitful ministry. AJ saw, as she dug deeper into God’s word through studying it, that just like Jesus restored Peter after he stumbled, her own stumbling did not have to signal the perpetual stagnation of her spiritual life or ministry. Jesus had a plan for her own restoration, Jesus had the power to redeem the stumbling and make her ministry even more fruitful — just as He did Peter’s.


Can you feel the freedom she must have felt?


She wouldn’t have noticed this without study of the Word… a casual reading probably wouldn’t have revealed this treasure trove of grace to her. Intentional study leads us to a more intimate knowledge of our Father as He reveals both His character and His will to us through scripture.


So dig in, friends. He’s got something for you too.

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