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Are you always looking for the best Bible Study Tools?

Starting a new study can be overwhelming and it is hard to know where to begin. 
BUT it doesn't have to be that way, friend!   

With so many options out there - courses, apps, newsletters, book studies, group studies - it can be overwhelming to know which tools and studies you'll LOVE and which ones to buy (because we all know the cost can add up so quickly).

From the most recent released Scripture journals to your next reading plan, this curated bundle was designed to bring faith-based women all the Bible Study training and education possible at a premium price - without breaking the bank or weighing out all the crazy options!
If you were to buy these Bible Study Programs & Resources separately, you’d be spending over $280. However, the Bible Study Bundle gives you the chance to get them all together for just $37 USD. That's a ridiculously good savings of hard-earned moolah. 
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  • 7 amazing journals to assist you and your family in prayer, reflections, and in different seasons of life
  • An awesome Bible reading plan that will walk you step-by-step through the Why, What, and How of doing – or hosting – a Rapid Bible Read Thru!
  • 4 Bible studies that help you discover God's Word on your own on topics like our identity in Christ, walking with God, and loving God with your mind
  • An Intimacy with God Scripture Toolkit that helps you apply the Bible with Scripture memory, daily commune with Him, and more!
  • A devotional that that walks you through A Psalms a day that invites you to bring your emotions into your time with God
  • 3 ebooks that cover the topics of faith, restoration, and communing with God by reading and biblical prayer

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What's included?

Each of our wonderful contributors have spent years studying Scripture & growing in their knowledge of God's Word to package into online courses, e-books and memberships, to help people like YOU fall deeper in love with the Bible.  Now they're collaborating to bring their offerings together in one curated collection: The Bible Study Bundle.
Whether you have been studying God's Word for years or brand new to Bible Study there are tools, studies, and more here that will .
Check out our creators & their course topics below:

Get these amazing studies, journals, and daily devotionals in your hands!

Love God With Your Mind

A guide to studying and loving your Bible
Have you ever felt lost reading your Bible and want to learn how to study scripture with more than just your heart? Learn to love God with your mind as you truly STUDY His word

Psalm A Day Devotional

The book of Psalms is the most unassuming book in Scripture. It doesn't have a list of laws or commands. It is simply a book of honest emotion and conversation with God.
If you're looking for a way to connect with God in both seasons of lament and worship, A Psalm A Day will guide you through the Psalms and give you a daily reminder to invite your emotions into your time with God.

30 Days of Communing with God: Reading, Unpacking & Practicing Biblical Prayer

This prayer ebook leads the reader through 30 days of devotional bible study that encourages the reading, unpacking and practicing of ten biblical prayers.

Finding Jesus: A Christmas Devotional

"Finding Jesus" was written for you. The woman who wants to dig a little deeper this Christmas. The woman who longs to use the season to celebrate without losing sight of the Savior we are honoring. The woman with grand plans to do all the things every year, but who quickly gets overwhelmed and gives up. The woman who longs to find Jesus in a new way this Christmas.

Prayer Journal Workshop

The discipline of prayer journaling can help you improve your prayer life and deepen your relationship with the Lord. In this workshop, you will assemble your own Prayer Journal in a short amount of time.

You will receive everything you need to make your own journal and see how to put it together. You can use it as is or make adjustments to make your journal work in the way that makes the most sense to you.

Included are free printables, papers, titles, tabs, detailed instructions and more.

Ask and Receive: Find Rich Relationship with God Through Questions Found in Scripture

Did you know that Bible scholars estimate that there are approximately 3,300 questions in the Bible?

When studying a narrative passage of Scripture, a story, or a parable, one way to learn is to place ourselves in the narrative with the characters. We do not interpret the Scripture for ourselves immediately, but we put ourselves in the characters' shoes. Stepping into their shoes, asking the questions they ask causes us to dig into God's Word to learn more.

This booklet will point you to different stories in Scripture in which questions are part of the dialogue. Under each story, you will find a list of verses to highlight. As you reach each listed verse, you have the opportunity to dive into the Scripture in a new way. Keeping an eye out for the questions as you read helps you stay engaged in the study. You remain engaged in study because you dive into more profound thought specific to the questions relayed through the Biblical narrative.

Deep Dive Scripture Journal

This journal is a daily companion to your time in the Word. It can be paired with any section of Scripture to enhance your reading and help you understand what you are reading and what it is saying about God. You will be guided through each section of background, observation, reflection, and application to help you understand what you are reading.

READ: A Bible Study Plan for Unpacking God's Word

If you’re struggling to find hope, peace, or joy in your everyday life, you’re not alone. The Made for Hope Bible Study Video Course invites you into a life of lasting hope and abundant gifts.

The seven-week interactive Bible study provides a weekly video teaching, daily Scripture reading and devotional, weekly application, and three daily questions for personal reflection.

This study will encourage you to:
--trust God when life is hard.
--restore hope when you get discouraged.
--discover peace in the midst of challenges.
--focus on God's redemptive story for you.

The Made for Hope Bible Study Video Course is an ideal companion to deepen your understanding of God’s abundant gifts.

Four Ways to Study the Bible

Friend, let me admit to you: I don’t have it all together. Sometimes the Bible doesn’t hold the mystery and majesty I speak about. God’s Word sometimes doesn’t spark inspiration or encouragement. Comfort isn’t found in the pages, and when I was struggling with some issues in my life, feeling the anxiety creep into my heart at night.

I don’t know if you are like me, but the sudden realization that God wasn’t speaking to me (in my heart) is a little jolting. So, how do we keep going in Bible study? We start fresh!

If you are looking for FRESH NEW ways to go DEEPER in your Bible study, you will love my brand new workbook! With four separate ways to study the Bible.
You will get an INSTANT DOWNLOAD OF:

Four Ways to Study the Bible,
Sermon Notes Worksheet,
Prayer Journal Worksheets,
Three Scripture Writing Challenges
2 Audio Devotionals

Reflective Bible Journal

The Reflective Bible Journal helps you to connect with God through an intentional process of reflecting on his Word and applying it to your life. With undated prompts for Bible reading, reflection, Bible memory, and prayer, the Reflective Bible Journal is an invitation to meet with God in a new way.

Reflective Bible Journal for Teens

Reflective Bible Journal for Teens will help you create a consistent habit of reading the Bible and building a relationship with Jesus. It gives you the chance to deepen your faith and spend time with him in his Word. Designed for young women and teen girls, the journal transforms your time with God from an obligation to an opportunity.

Reflective Bible Journal for Kids

The Reflective Bible Journal for Kids shows you how to encourage your child’s faith and develop their own personal relationship with God through a simple, easy-to-use journal. The Bible journal for girls and boys gives undated prompts to reflect on God’s Word, prayer starters, and memory verses. It helps kids to focus on fostering gratitude and provides a weekly reflection to ask questions about the Bible and put its truths into practice.

My Life, Your Will Scripture Based Prayer Journal

A 12 week prayer journal with scripture prompts to help users pray scripture over their family, ministry/work, community, and nation. The journal and prayer guide will be available as a pdf download for $10.50 with the exclusive coupon code.

READ: A Bible Study Plan for Unpacking God's Word

READ: A Bible Study Plan for Unpacking God's Word is specifically designed to help you study God's Word on your own using a simple four-part process – Record, Explore, Apply, and Do.

Who am I? Discover who you are in Christ, Bible Study

A 7-week Bible study that will walk you through 7 things that we have or become when we come to know Jesus. 93 Pages!! Filled with in-depth questions and practical applications. You get an E-File that you can fill in on your computer or tablet, or print it out and go though the study.

The 10(K) Faith Race ebook

Have you ever wondered how to run the race of faith?  Uncover the 10 K(eys) necessary tools of equipment to become a Faithful Runner.

To strengthen your faith you need trust, commitment, and practical application. The tools found in this 15-page eBook will challenge you to become equipped in the word of God to Finish the Race, STRONG.

Faith is made up of belief, dependence, and total surrender to God. You can begin today!

Start, Continue & Finish the Race

Prayer - Your Journey to Restoration ebook & journal

The Journey to the heart of the Lord will restore your soul. The Holy Spirit is inviting you to discover the importance of praying and allowing restoration, renewal, and a refreshing to happen in your life.

Building a lifestyle of prayer is simplified when using these Four Essential Elements.

God longs for a close and meaningful relationship with you. He designed you to walk, talk and to have fellowship with Him; that is through the encounter of praying. Your life is so important to Him that He paid the highest imaginable price to restore you to Him.

"But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. " Matt. 6:6

Intimacy with God Scripture Toolkit

This Scripture toolkit includes 9 pages of guidance in developing intimacy with God through Scripture.

It has been created to dig deeper into the practical application of memory with:

Scripture Notecards
S.O.A.P Method Journaling pages
Special Prayers of Encouragement

Your devotional life is the substance of your personal relationship with God. It means meeting with Him daily to commune with Him and rest in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Becoming a Woman who Walks with God

This mini study will show you how to keep in step with God throughout the day.  

Discover how Biblical characters such as Enoch, Noah, and Moses walked with God.

Understand the key ingredient to sensing and enjoying the presence of God.

Shed unhealthy expectations and guilt around spending the "right" amount of time with God.

Use this opportunity to schedule a getaway with God and hear His voice as you connect with Him!

Rapid Bible Read Thru

Have you ever read through the whole Bible?
Have you ever started…only to quit after a couple weeks?
Do you wish you knew the Bible better?
Do you long to the know The Author more deeply?

If so, a Rapid Bible Read Thru is what you need.
Is it a challenge? Yes. Is it easier than most people think? Absolutely. Will it transform your understanding of the Bible and deepen your relationship with God? Without a doubt!

This book will walk you step-by-step through the Why, What, and How of doing – or hosting – a Rapid Bible Read Thru!

7 Simple Steps to Studying Scripture (Sample Journal)

7 Simple Steps to Studying Scripture: How to Journal Your Way through the Word of God is a beautiful, interactive journal to help Christian women to fall in love with the Word of God. The minimal layout provides enough space to journal, doodle, or both! This journal has seven steps to help guide you to a deeper understanding of Scripture. Each day features an individual verse and space for creative expression. Use to help you memorize Bible verses, learn the meaning behind the words in the verse, and grow closer in your relationship with God.

Verses are organized thematically: God’s Love For You, Seeking After God, When You Feel Afraid, Put Your Hope In The Lord, God’s Word, Strength Through Trials, and more!

Finding the right tools & resources to study God's Word can be overwhelming - especially when you start adding up the cost! Let the Bible Study Bundle be an easy way for you to invest in your relationship with The Lord!

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