Make Bible reading a part of your life! 

Hi friend, I am so glad you are here! I LOVED being on the Made for Hope podcast, and I hope that these resources help you incorporate Bible reading into your life this year. 

Resources for you: 

Knowing God Through the Word Journal 

This journal will take you through the Bible chronologically (or in the order that the events happened) from start to finish! It is undated and can be started at any time. It helps you read through the Bible and focus on who God is on the pages of Scripture. 

7 Days to a Successful Bible Reading Habit

This FREE PDF will take you through the book of James in 7 days and will guide you through an email series to creating a Bible reading habit that works for you and your schedule! Each day builds on the previous day to help you set up your routine.

I'm Eva, and I want to help you learn and LOVE God's Word. 

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