Are you struggling to study the Bible regularly?

Join me for a YouTube Bible Study Series going through Philippians.

PLUS get the free background information PDF to dive deeper into this book!


This virtual Bible Study will teach how to study the Bible in a simple repeatable process.

Studying God's Word does not have to be hard! I promise that it is simpler than you think! 

In This Free Bible Study We Will...

Study the Book of Philippians once a week for four weeks.

Starting on August 9, every Tuesday I will go live on YouTube for an hour at 7 pm EST. After 4 weeks, you will have a whole new perspective on Bible study and the book of Philippians.

Use my Bible Study Method to dive deeper into this incredible book.

When you look at the Bible, it can be overwhelming and a lot of people don't know where to start. That's why I want to give you a closer look at what my day-to-day Bible Study looks like!

Know the Lord more and what He truly intended for us to know through Philippians.

Maybe you've been a Christian for a while and you are well-versed in Scripture. With this study, you will gain a new perspective on the Word of God.

I created this Bible Study event with you in mind!

→ You are brand new to Bible study and don't know where to start.


→ You have done your fair share of studies, and reading the Bible has started to feel stale for you.


→ You're ready to start being consistent in your time with the Lord take your relationship with Him to the next level!

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Are you looking for the opportunity to study God's Word with other people?

So, Don't Wait!

We are not only going to use my personal Bible Study Method to study Philippians but instead we, but you'll also have the opportunity to ask questions, dive deeper, and transform the way you relate to God's Word!

You'll learn things like:

  • How to study the Bible if you have 15 minutes - or 1 hour! 
  • How to get back on track if you fall behind
  • What studying the Bible in context looks like
  • How to look for God as you go through His Word.

Bring your questions and I look forward to answering them! OR if you're still trying to figure this out, just come to listen! 

Meet Your Bible Study Best Friend

Hey friend, I'm Eva!

I want to help you find joy in studying the Bible.

As a pastor’s kid, my dad taught me how to study the Bible more effectively. He gave me a color-coded organizational system that helped me understand the Bible.

This system...

  • gave me confidence to study Scripture without feeling intimidated.
  • helped me to look forward to my Bible study time.
  • took me deeper into God's Word.

His methods helped me to better understand the Bible, and I have since used them to teach others all over the world.

I want YOU to love studying the Bible too.   


I hope you'll join us on this FREE training! 

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Let's do this together!

Study Philippians with me!

Get your Bible and favorite pen so that you are ready to dive in!

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Each study will lasts 45-60 minutes!

Each study session will deep dive each chapter of Philippians, and the sessions will last 45-60 minutes each depending on our Q&A time! 

YES! When you register I will send you my background information PDF!

I want you to feel confident and equipped when you approach the Word of God, so before we even begin our study, I'll make sure you start on the right foot.

Get comfy!

You're tuning in from the comfort of your own home so hey, let's get comfy! Grab your favorite mug and warm coffee (or tea) and let's dive in!