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This Bookmark takes you 31 days through the book of Mark. 

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This bookmark will take you 7 days through the book of James. 

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This bookmark will take you 8 days through the book of Philippians.

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Hey friend, I'm Eva!

I want to help you find joy in studying the Bible.

As a pastor’s kid, my dad taught me how to study the Bible more effectively. He gave me a color-coded organizational system that helped me understand the Bible.

This system...

  • gave me confidence to study Scripture without feeling intimidated.
  • helped me to look forward to my Bible study time.
  • took me deeper into God's Word.

His methods helped me to better understand the Bible, and I have since used them to teach others all over the world. 

I want YOU to love studying the Bible too. 

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Join the Word in Color

This color code will help you approach Scripture and finally begin to understand what you are reading!  The Word in Color is an organizational system to help you approach Scripture with confidence. 

I want the Word in Color!

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