15. How to Start a Bible Study Group with Cyndee Ownbey

Do you want to start a Bible study group, either at your church or in your home? What does it take to get started, what do you need to think about, and how can you use your gifts to serve in a Bible study group? We will talk about it all in this episode.

Cyndee Ownbey serves as a mentor to thousands of women’s ministry leaders through her website, podcast, and Facebook community, Women’s Ministry Toolbox. She is the best-selling author of Rethinking Women’s Ministry: Biblical, Practical Tools for Cultivating a Flourishing Community. She enjoys teaching from God’s Word and has a passion for helping women’s ministry teams create events and activities that teach their women to pray, study the Word, share their faith, and engage in discipling relationships. Cyndee has been a personal mentor to me as well, and today she gets to mentor each of us through this conversation.

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