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Bible Study Made Simple

Bible Study Made Simple

Hosted by: Eva Kubasiak

Have you ever felt intimidated or confused by the Bible? Or maybe you have started studying the Bible before but haven’t found a way to incorporate it into your regular routine. The Bible Study Made Simple podcast is...

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12. What to Do if You Have Questions When Studying the Bible

Have you ever been reading your Bible and come across something that you didn’t understand? Or maybe you just have a clarifying question about what you are reading? This happens to me all the time, and this episode...
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11. Bible Reading as a Life-Giving Rhythm with Leslie C. Glass

Have you ever wondered how to anchor your soul to God’s Word? Or maybe even how Bible study could be life-giving? We talk about it in this episode of Bible Study Made Simple. Leslie is an encourager, writer, and...
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10. Bible Reading Basics with Sarah E. Frazer

Have you ever wondered about reading plans for your Bible reading time? How do you know where to start? What if you get behind? How do you know if you are reading enough? We answer it all on today's episode!  Sarah E....
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9. What is Genre and How Does it Affect Bible Study?

When studying the Bible, one key thing to take note of is the genre of literature. This refers to the style of writing that particular book of the Bible was written. There are several different types of literature in...
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8. How to Find Background Information

When studying the Bible, having the background information is so important to understand the context of Scripture. But where do you look to find that background information, and what do you look for? Join in for this...
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7. Four Questions to Ask When Studying the Bible

Are you looking for a simple way to study the Bible? Look no further! This episode will help you break down your BIble study into easily repeatable sections following these 4 questions: What is the background? What...
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6. The Difference Between Reading and Studying

Did you know there is a difference between reading and studying the Bible? In this episode, we talk about: What that difference is How to use each effectively Why you need both in your Bible time rhythm Links...
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5. Moving From Should to Want in Bible Study with Keith Ferrin

Do you define most things in your Christian walk as a want, but then when it comes to your Bible study time, you think you “should” do it? Author Keith Ferrin helps us actually enjoy our Bible study time and talks...
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4. Where to Start when Studying the Bible

Have you ever wondered where to start when studying the Bible? This episode breaks down what you need and what to do to start studying your Bible. Episode 2 - Why do we study the Bible? Click here to read about how to...
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3. The Biggest Mistake I See in Bible Study

This mistake shows up over and over again as people are studying the Bible. This episode breaks down the mistake, and how you can overcome it in your own Bible study routine. We cover: What is the biggest mistake How...
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2. Why Study the Bible?

Why is Bible study important? How does it affect our relationship with God? Join Eva on this episode of the Bible Study Made Simple Podcast to uncover the 3 parts of our lives that Bible study impacts. For a free PDF...
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1. How Bible Study Affects Your Life

Have you ever wondered why Bible study is important? This episode of Bible Study Made Simple will help you realize the effects of personal Bible study on your day-to-day life, and give you the very first action step...
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