A Prayer for Reading the Bible

bible study prayer Jun 24, 2019

Are you ever intimidated when reading the Bible? What if you have questions? What if you don’t understand it? I have asked myself these same questions before. The size alone of a Bible with the small print can be enough to make you hesitant to crack it open.

I got the chance to talk with Lisa Hensley the other day, and she said a something that really struck me about the Bible. She said, “truth is not challenged by questions.” I love how true that is about the Word of God. God is not threatened or offended when we have questions about His Word. He is not offended when we don’t understand something. Instead He offers that we come closer, that we look deeper into His Word and who He is.

One of the first verses I ever memorized was Psalm 119:11. It says “I have hidden your word in my heart that I may not sin against you.” All of Psalm chapter 119 is about valuing God’s Word, and putting it to practice in our lives. I want that to be true of me. If you get a chance today, sit down and read through Psalm 119. Ask God to give you a love for His Word like in the Psalm.

Do you have questions? God isn’t threatened by them. He wants to meet you on the pages of His Word.

Do you struggle to understand it? Ask God to give you wisdom to understand. Every time you crack open your Bible, ask Him to speak to you.


We so desperately want to be people of your Word. We want to meet You on the pages, and learn more about who You are. You have given us the gift of your Word, and we are so thankful.

In James, Your Word says that if we lack wisdom, we can ask You and You will give it generously. So we are asking for Your wisdom today. Help us to understand Your Word. Help us to boldly ask our questions to the One who knows all the answers. We want to be people who have chosen the way of truth.

As we study and uncover this truth, help us to not merely listen to it and walk away unchanged, but help us to do what it says, and walk in it. Light our path, and guide our steps.