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How to Read and Understand Deuteronomy

books of the bible Mar 08, 2020

I remember a while back the hashtag #famouslastwords grew in popularity. There were some funny ones like, “Hey guys, watch this!” Or, “hold my beer.”

Deuteronomy is a much more serious lesson for the people of Israel and the last words of Moses. He had one last chance to tell this new generation of Israelites something before he died and the book of Deuteronomy is his recorded words.

The word Deuteronomy actually means “second law” but it is the same law given in Exodus and Leviticus, just recapped by Moses. Moses repeats some of the highlights from the previous 4 books of the Bible, in order to make sure this new generation follows God. These are his final instructions after leading the people for over 40 years. He is passing the torch and lighting the fire in them to follow God with everything they’ve got. 

Deuteronomy is quoted in the New Testament more than any other Old Testament book and is quoted often by Jesus. One of those...

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How to Read and Understand Leviticus

books of the bible Feb 12, 2020

So let’s do a quick recap of where we are at in the story of the Bible once we hit Leviticus. God created man to co-run the earth with Him. This started off great, but then Adam and Eve brought sin into the world. Oops. This put separation between man and God and God started His plan to restore that relationship between Himself and man. He ended up promising that this restoration would come through the family line of Abraham. Abraham had Isaac, Isaac had Jacob, and Jacob had 12 sons, and those 12 sons turned into an entire nation that was enslaved in Egypt. (Seriously, you need to read the whole story sometime!) God delivers this nation, called the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, and while they are in the desert, He gives them some rules to live by to help restore that relationship. This is where we end up in Exodus. 

By the time we get to Leviticus, they already have these rules, and they already have a place to worship God, but there still isn’t a way for the...

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How to Read and Understand Matthew

books of the bible Feb 06, 2020

In first grade, I switched schools to go to the same school my best friend was going to. I am sure my parents had other reasons, but all I can remember is being so excited when I found out that I was going to her school! However, when the classroom assignments came through, we weren’t in the same class. My expectations for what an awesome year we were going to have had been shattered. I can look back now though, and see that me not being in her class, was actually a good thing. I loved my 1st-grade teacher! She helped me learn to love reading, and overall, it was a wonderful year for me.

Have you ever had something happen in life that wasn’t what you were expecting? Maybe you expected to be married by now, or maybe you expected to be in a different line of work. Maybe you expected to get into a certain college, or actually use your degree. But the thing about expectations is that sometimes, we have expectations that get crushed but the reality is even better. 


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