How to Read and Understand Exodus

how to read and understood Jan 28, 2020

Have you ever gotten to the point in a relationship where the other person (or you!) says, “what  are we doing in this relationship ?” That point right there is the DTR, or Define the Relationship talk. You have to put in words what your relationship means. Are you just friends? Are you dating? Whatever it is, you have to define it. 

Exodus is the part of the narrative of the Bible where God defines the relationship between Himself and Israel. They have been in Egypt for a really long time (400 years. Thank you, Jacob and Joseph), but now it is time for them to head back to the land that God has promised them. 

Because the Israelites were in slavery in Egypt, they needed someone to step in and help them. They could not simply escape on their own. This is where God enters the picture. He leads them out of Egypt and continues the covenant relationship that He started with Abraham through the Israelites, just as He promised. 

Exodus is where I fell in love with the Old Testament because not only did the Israelites need saving, but I also needed saving in my own life. The picture of God coming in and rescuing them is reflective of what Jesus did in my life, and what He offers to do for you. After having that kind of redemption in my life, how could I not want to define the relationship with Jesus and make my commitment to Him official? 

Moses recorded this story, and regularly says, “do not forget.” We don’t want to forget all that God has done for us. The remembrance of everything He has done is a solid foundation for our relationship with Him. 


God’s miraculous intervention to save the Israelites

God’s presence on earth

The giving of the law to define the relationship

God’s grace, mercy, and patience in that relationship

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