My Favorite Journaling Bibles

Apr 09, 2019

If you ever borrow a book from me, I can almost guarantee that there is some marking inside of that book. I never read without a pen nearby, and my books show it. I put stars in the margins, I underline, I block in whole paragraphs. Reading should be an interactive activity, and I interact with a pen in hand. Why should reading my Bible be any different?

When I am reading the Bible I like to make notes in the margin of things I want to investigate further, questions I have, and patterns I see repeating. There are a couple conversations that take place in the Old Testament that I have rewritten in the margins in my own words. Now there is definitely not space for that in a regular printed Bible, which is why I love journaling Bibles.

Journaling Bibles tend to have slightly thicker pages to them so that the marks don’t bleed through the page, and they have really wide margins so you can write what you want next to the text. I have seen people that write their prayers in the margins, people that draw in the margins, and even people that take their sermon notes in church right next to the passage being preached on! There are so many options for using those extra wide margins in a journaling Bible.

Here are my 3 favorite journaling Bibles:

She Reads Truth Bible

I know you knew this one was coming. This is the one I use daily. It is my absolute favorite. The font is easy to read, the margins don’t have lines (my personal preference) and the pages don’t bleed through (there is a tiny bit of ghosting, where you can see what is on the other side of the page, but it is ever so slight). There are also several extras in this Bible like reading plans, maps, and even devotionals. Overall a great Bible.

Single Column Journaling Bible ESV

This was my first journaling Bible and I still love it. It has faint lines in the margins for those that prefer lines too. It is easy to read, a good translation, and a no-frills Bible. It is smaller and lighter than the She Reads Truth Bible, and is a bit easier to carry because of that. It also comes in black (my favorite) as well as other cute designs.

ESV Scripture Journals

So these aren’t a whole Bible, although you can get them in the whole Bible. Each book has one book of the Bible, and there is Scripture on the left side of the page, and lined paper on the right side of the page. This allows you to really get into the Word and mark up every word if you wanted to! These are what I use for my deeper Bible study, because it gives me extra room for all my thoughts.

What is your favorite Bible to use?

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