How’s my Bible Reading Plan Going in 2022 + a FREE New Testament Bible Reading Plan

Apr 30, 2022

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One of the things I do every year is read through the Bible. Now, this year I decided to tackle it in a different way, so here is your update on how my Bible reading plan is going, as of April 2022.


My name is Eva Kubasiak, and I want to help you learn how to study the Bible. Reading through the entire Bible is one of the things that I prioritize when I'm setting up my Bible time or my Bible routine. And so this year, I decided to do things a little bit differently.


Over the past five or six years, I have read through the same Chronological Bible reading plan, and it has you in the Old Testament for nine months, and then it has you in the New Testament for three months.


This year, I decided to flip flop that and try to read the Old Testament in three months, and then spent nine months in the New Testament.


Now we're in April, and I just finished the Old Testament yesterday, so very clearly, I did not make that original goal of three months, but there's a few things that I learned along the way, let's talk about them.


I started off using the same plan that I have used for the last several years, and just reading multiple days at once, and this worked great until we got into the section of the plan that jumps back and forth between books of the Bible.


Once you start to get into like Second Samuel and Kings and Chronicles all of those places, you're jumping back and forth, to get the order of the events in the Bible all lined up, and so you're one day you might be in Second Kings, the next day, you might be in Chronicles, just you jump around a lot... and so at that point, the reading plan really wasn't working for me in the way that I would have liked, it ended up just like, when I was trying to jump back and forth and one reading session, it was too much, so at that point I swapped to just doing the books in the order of events, so I would finish all of Second Kings before I jumped to Second Chronicles, whatever the order happens to be, and that worked really well, but I didn't make a specific plan... I needed to know what chapters to read in order to finish in the amount of time that I wanted to finish, I had kind of just told myself, «Oh, you'll you know, you can read it as you have time, and that'll be perfect»... And that didn't work... But at the point when I realized I was not going to hit the three month goal that I had originally set out, I created a plan to finish by the end of April, where I was able to see, exactly which chapters I needed to read on each day, and that really helped pull things back in. So, what I learned is 


 «A general plan did not work for me, but a very specific plan did work for me» 


The next thing is... It took longer than I thought... I wanted to finish by the end of March, and it took me until the end of April.

And honestly, life just really happened, my daughter got sick, some other things came up in our family, and it just didn't go the way that I had originally intended for it to go, and that's okay.


When you have a Bible reading target, that gives you something to shoot for, but that's not the end «all be all» of your Bible reading plan... The goal, the ultimate goal of a Bible reading plan is to get to know who God is, and, if I know who God is better, as I'm finishing my Bible reading plan in April instead of March, I've hit my goal!


 «The goal is not to finish in a certain number of days... The goal is to know God better» 


Yeah, it may take longer than I anticipated, but it was so worth it because especially in April, I slowed down and I was able to absorb what I was learning as I was going through and kind of journal more as I was going, and it really did impact my Bible time by slowing down and it was such a good thing.


Especially in this season of life, I I find that I don't have as much like extra brain space to take in what I was reading, whereas towards the beginning of the year, I felt a little like I had a little bit of a clearer head, I was able to kind of process bigger chunks of Scripture, and I'm finding that in this season, right now, that's just not the case, so shortening those sections was really beneficial for me.


 In a different blog post, I talked about how there's a difference between reading and studying, and up until now, I've been talking about my Bible reading plan.


A Bible reading plan is where you are reading larger portions of Scripture, like a couple of chapters on a regular basis, and, a Bible Study Plan is where you're breaking down shorter passages, and you're really digging into those passages.


In this season, I didn't have as much brain space, so I paused my Bible Study Plan for a little bit.... Now, I had set out an original goal, and now looking back, it was a overly ambitious...


I had said, I was going to try to study 12 books this year, so each month, I would focus on a different book, so January 1, I started in Genesis... now in April, and I am on Genesis 34... I was overly ambitious saying that I would read 12 or study 12 different books this year, it's not going to happen friends... So I would rather take my time and absorb the book that I'm studying, than try to blow through 12 different books, just because I said that was my original target for the year, so I paused my Bible Study from about middle of February until about last week, and I continued with my Bible reading, but wasn't as diligent with my Bible Study.


I'm picking my Bible Study back up right now, but I do think that there are seasons in your life, where it's okay to just say, «God, this is the amount of time I have for you... It is 15 minutes today, take it and multiply it, you know, draw my mind back to you multiple times today, prompt me to pray throughout my day».


Remember, the goal is not to set aside an hour of your day for Bible Study, Bible reading, orconnecting with God... «The goal is to have an intimate connection with God throughout your day». Whether you're driving or doing dishes, or interacting with your kids or working, we can glorify God through all of those things, based on our attitude in those times, based off of how we are talking to God through those times we can talk to him through any scenario in our life... So the goal isn't necessarily to carve out an exact amount of time for God per day, but to continue to connect with him through the different things that we're facing.


I had to simplify my Bible time for a season, but I continued to meet with God, to talk with God, to connect with God throughout my day.


So now, my target for my Bible reading time moving forward, is to spend five days a week reading through the New Testament, and to finish in six months.


I have a workbook that I have created to go through the New Testament in six months, and if I read five days a week, I will finish in six months. If I read a couple extra days a week, it'll finish a little faster, if I don't quite hit all five days a week on the plan, it'll be a little bit slower. ..But all of those things are good.


Spending time in God's word is good.


So I'm really excited to tackle the New Testament and take it a little bit slower than I normally do, as I am reading through the New Testament, I've linked to the workbook below this blogpost.


You can check it out on my website and you could use it as well as you are going through your own Bible reading time.


I also have the plan linked for free! So you can download that Bible reading plan that I am following as I am continuing to get to know who God is, through His word the rest of this year.


I'm really looking forward to seeing how God's plan really unfolds in the New Testament.


I feel like because I spend so much on my time in the Old Testament, I'm might even be a little bit more familiar with the Old Testament than I am the New Testament and so I'm excited to dig in and go in a little deeper in the New Testament this year.


 How is your Bible reading going right now? Comment and tell me! I would love to know what you are up to and what you're learning in your Bible reading time.


New Testament in 6 Months FREE Reading Plan:

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