How to Get Excited About Daily Bible Reading

bible reading bible study Apr 02, 2019

When I became a believer, I was about 9 years old. And after having seen my parents wake up early every morning and read their Bibles, I knew that’s what Believers did. So the very next morning I woke up to read my Bible. I can’t remember where I started, or what I read that day, but I remember the habit didn’t stick then.

I probably tried to get the habit to stick 20-30 more times over the years. I would start, and get in a streak of 2 weeks or so, and then miss a day and it would completely derail my habit. Sometimes I would even get up to a month or two, but I would feel so overwhelmed or bummed out when I would miss several days in a row.

But when I started looking at it not from a streak standpoint (you have to do this every day, or else) and started looking at it from a grace standpoint (you get to do this, and if you miss a day, so what?) my habit started transforming into something I craved doing daily. So here are a couple of tips on how to start and stay excited about a Bible reading habit.


An accountability partner is basically just someone that you check on daily or weekly to see how their Bible reading is going and tell them how yours is going too. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked someone to be my accountability, and told them I would be theirs, and then completely forgot about them. (If you are a previous accountability partner of mine, oops! I am sorry!) Put their name somewhere you will see it daily. Pray for them. Text them. Bug them. Ask them how their reading is going. It’s so good for both of you to have someone there to check in on you, and it will take your Bible reading from an every now and then thing, to a regular thing.

This year, I have an accountability group on Facebook. We are reading through the Bible chronologically, and it is not too late to join my group! We have daily posts, lots of fun and are trekking through the Bible together.


Okay, so this one sounds a little silly, but “out of sight, out of mind” is a real thing. Ever since I started leaving everything I use for my Bible reading out on my desk or the kitchen table, I have woken up and remembered that it is something that I want to get done that day. If you are someone that doesn’t like things left out, put it away when you get done, but then before bed pull that Bible out! It will bother you the next day until you read it. If you read on your phone or an app, maybe move that app to your home screen. You will see it more often and it will help develop reading into a habit.


There are many different translations of the Bible, but the best one is the one you will read. If you can’t understand a Bible version, get a new version! I would love to help you pick out a version. If you need help, reach out. It is no fun trying to slog through something that you are really struggling to understand the wording of. Get a Bible that you can read and enjoy reading. I am reading the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) these days in the She Reads Truth Bible and I find it easy to understand and it flows like modern-day language without compromising the integrity of the text.

Reading the Bible is such an important tool to hear from God. He has radically changed my life since I started reading it daily, and not just counting on devotionals or preachers to tell me about the Bible.

Are you in the habit of daily Bible reading? What roadblock is keeping you from that habit? Check back in tomorrow and we will talk about where to start when reading your Bible!