January Favorites: Books

Feb 06, 2019

I have a goal of reading one book per week this year, landing me with a total of 52 books read. So for January, I wanted to share a couple of my favorite books I read this month.

The Wondering Years by Knox McCoy

If you are a fan of pop culture, this is a book written for you. It goes through Knox’s journey of coming to his faith in Christ through the lens of pop culture. He also co-hosts a couple podcasts, my favorite being The Bible Binge which talks about stories in the Bible like they are an episode of a show on Netflix.

Learning to Speak God from Scratch by Jonathan Merritt

Being raised in the church and around church words, sometimes we lose the significance of the words we use on a regular basis. Jonathan talks about these words and sparks new thoughts on the words church culture uses regularly.

In His Image by Jen Wilkin

This book was a great look at who God created us to be, and what characteristics of His that we reflect back to him. The book includes verses for deeper study, and questions for reflection at the end of each chapter.

Connect with me in the comments or on Instagram and tell me if you have read any of these and what you thought about them! I always love talking about books!