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My Current Bible Study Routine

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2021

This post was originally published as Bible Study Made Simple podcast episode 13, My Current Bible Study Routine. You can listen here.  

Do you ever wonder what other people are doing when they study the Bible? Or maybe even how to add both reading and studying into your routine? Well, today, we will go through my routine and what I do to step closer to God through His Word. We will also go through a series of questions to help you think through your own routine. 

I am Eva Kubasiak, and this is Bible Study Made Simple. Have you ever felt intimidated or confused by the Bible? Or maybe you have started studying the Bible before but haven’t found a way to incorporate it into your regular routine. The Bible Study Made Simple podcast is here to help you move from intimidated and confused to confident and joyful in your approach to Scripture, and help you find a routine that sticks. The goal isn’t checking off a box perfectly, but instead, our goal is an intimate connection with the God of the Bible - plus having tons of fun along the way!

In each season, my Bible study routine looks a little different. Right now, I have a 6-month-old, and I work from home. So my routine won’t look exactly like your routine, but also, my routine may not look exactly the same when I have a toddler. It changes and develops as my season changes. 

The next thing I want you to note is that reading and studying the Bible are different. You can review those differences in Episode 6, The Difference Between Reading and Studying (blog post).

So let’s jump into my day! I prefer to study first thing in the morning. There are no rules about what time of day you need to study, this is just what I find works best for me. If I miss it in the morning, I am less likely to work it into my day. 

I usually wake up and pour a cup of coffee. In the past few weeks I have been doing a short 10-15 minute workout, and then sitting down to study. 

I use my Simple Bible Study journal, a journaling Bible, and some pens (my current favorites). And I follow an outline in a study Bible as I am moving through a book of the Bible. Right now I am studying the book of Mark. So in the study Bible I am using, I look up the Mark outline, and find the next section. This morning, it was Mark 14:1-11. 

I will read through the passage once or twice in the journaling Bible, right now I am using the NASB version for my study time and really enjoying it. This is when I mark things that are standing out to me or any questions that I have. After I read through it, I use my Simple Bible Study journal to write down what observations I have and a quick summary of what I read.

After I have followed the prompts in by Simple Bible Study Journal and written down what I learned about God, and how I want to respond, I try to spend some time in prayer. Sometimes this is more of a formal, sit down and journal kind of thing, and then sometimes this is a more informal talking to God as I go about my day and change diapers kind of thing. Neither one is better or worse than the other - in fact, I think that they both have their strengths towards drawing us to the heart of the Father. 

Some days, this routine ends up being split in half. I will read a section and write down some observations, and then I get interrupted with Callie waking up. Often, I am able to finish while she is playing, but not always. On the days that I don’t finish a section, I just pick it right back up where I left it last the next time I am able to study. Remember, it is not about a checkbox, but instead about connecting with God through His Word. 

So that is how I study during my study time. I try to follow this routine 5 to 6 days a week. My reading time is a little more flexible, but I try to read every day. You may have heard me talk about reading through the Bible in a year. I am a big advocate for reading through the Bible in a year, and I firmly believe that it is an achievable goal that you can do no matter how busy you are, and I also believe that prioritizing reading through the entire Bible is a crucial part of being a believer, whether you do that in a year or more. 

Each year, I read through the Bible with my Bible Reading Group. I co-lead this group with my friend Mariel Davenport, and it is a great way to read through the Bible with friends and accountability. You are welcome to join, no matter when you are listening to this episode, and I have the link in the show notes. 

Right now, I am listening to the Bible for our reading plan more than anything, and I generally do this during the day while I am doing dishes or playing with Callie. This becomes a way for me to bring Scripture into different parts of my day. 

Knowing my Bible study routine doesn’t help unless you use it as feedback to help you set up your own. As you are finding that balance for your own routine, here are a few questions to consider:

  • When do you consistently have time? (In the morning? In the evening? After dropping the kids off at school? On your lunch break?)
  • How much time do you have?
  • Do you prefer listening or eyes on the page reading the Bible?
  • What book of the Bible will you start with?
  • Where do you have a comfortable and distraction-free place?
  • What habits used to work for you that aren’t currently working?
  • What habit do you want to add in that you haven’t tried yet?
  • How does my current season affect my Bible study, and how can I respond to that?
  • How can you remind yourself that the goal is connecting with God and not perfection on a checklist?
  • What excuses might be holding you back? 

And as always, here’s a prayer to pray:

Father, I want to spend time with you consistently. I want to get to know you through Your Word, and I want to internalize the truths you have shared with us. Help me to evaluate my time and make the choice to prioritize You and Your Word. And for the times when I fall short, remind me that your grace is sufficient. I don’t have to feel guilty or ashamed, but I can pick it back up and You will be ready and waiting for me there. Amen. 

If you don’t know how to take the first step towards God through His Word, I would recommend getting into a Bible reading habit. I have a free guide just for you that you can download at or just follow the link in the show notes. As you take your next steps towards God through studying the Bible, I pray that you remember our goal is connection with God over perfection in our process. Remember, your time with God doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.


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