A Prayer for When You Need a New Start

prayer Jul 01, 2019

I love it when the first day of the month is a Monday. Today is a Monday, the first day of the Quarter, and the exact halfway point for the year. It is like some sort of magical new beginning.

I love new beginnings. I get to restart where I may have messed up. I get to quit things that aren’t serving me well. I get new energy towards tasks I have let slide (hello, there huge stack of laundry).

But if we are being really honest, there is nothing special about a Monday. There is nothing special about the 1st of the month, or even the year. We can have a new beginning anytime we decide. If we are in Jesus, we have even more than simply a new beginning, we have new life!

Romans 8:11 says that the same Spirit that raised Jesus from death to life is at work in us, and if that isn’t some good news to start our week! Through Christ, we have new life.

If you have never asked Jesus for a new start but you want to, that is all you have to do. Ask Him. He delights in giving out new starts!

If you are a believer in the new starts Jesus gives, and just want some refreshment today, this prayer is for you.



Thank You for Jesus. Thank You for the Spirit inside of us that brings us new life. Thank You for Your plan to bring life into this world, it is more than we could have ever asked for or imagined.

On this day, we ask that You would renew in us a spirit of delight. Help us to delight in You! Help us to search our hearts for anything that might be holding us back.

Show us anything we might need to quit that isn’t serving us well.

Show us anything that might be taking our attention away from You.

Show us any commitments we might need to renew.

Show us any where we might need to stop striving and simply rest in You.

You are the Father of new starts. Give us one today.

We love You.