The One That Thing Changed My Relationship with God + 3 Tips so you can do it too...

Feb 11, 2022

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Back in 2018, I started something that completely transformed my relationship with God. Let's talk about it today. 

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Back in 2017, I had a conversation with my grandpa P-pop, he was talking about how for the past 12 years, he had read through the entire Bible each year, and it got me thinking… “If my grandpa had read through the entire Bible every year for the last 12 years, and I was younger at the time… So if I started at my age, by the time I was P-pop’s age, how many times would I have read through the entire Bible?” 

So in 2018, I decided to read through the entire Bible.... I did it in 2019, I did it in 2020, I've done it in 2021, and then I'm doing it again in 2022. 

When I first read through the Bible in 2018, I was honestly really confused, all of the pieces didn't quite fit together, and I couldn't quite figure out some things happened twice, and some things I just didn't know what was going on… 

In 2019, I switched to a Chronological Bible reading plan, and that really helped me to understand the overarching story of Scripture, and how all of these different pieces fell into place.

A chronological reading plan is so helpful when it comes to reading through the entire Bible, but I'm also going to give you three more tips for reading through the entire Bible and how it has changed my relationship with God. 

Each year, as I read through the Bible, I started to grasp more of an understanding of what was happening, how all of these pieces fit together, who God actually was, instead of just what I thought that he might have been from stories that I heard from other people, and it deepened my relationship with Him, and it helped me really understand who God is, and it has completely transformed my life. 

You might be thinking, “Eva, that's great for you and all, but I've tried reading through the Bible, and it didn't work for me”. Let me tell you, so I have started in Genesis… Genesis is probably my most read book of the Bible, because I've started and then not finished my Bible reading plan, but you can finish you can do this! 

Here are three different tips to help you as you are reading through the Bible. 

The first one, is to grab some friends, don't try to do this alone. 

Try to read with some other people, post on Facebook, say, “Hey, I'm looking for some people to read through the Bible with”.

I have a private Facebook group that you can join, it's called How to Study the Bible with Eva, feel free to join in there and comment in there, be sure to join here

I'm sure tons of people would love somebody to read through the Bible with, find a group of friends and read through the Bible. It's going to change your life.

The second thing to do when you are trying to read through the Bible, is let go of the dates. 

Do not get a Bible reading plan with dates, or if your Bible reading plan has dates, ignore them, cross them off, don't look at them, because what happens is you see a date on there, and you're like, oh, I should be on February 2nd, but the Bible is not dated, there's not a specific day that you need to be reading a specific chapter, but instead, just read as you are going through the year as you're, it could take you two years, it doesn't matter, it does not matter what the date is on the reading plan… What it matters that you are getting to know who God is on the pages of his word, so make sure that you are ignoring the dates and just keep pressing on and keep reading your Bible reading plan. 

The third one, is to know the difference between reading and studying the Bible. 

So often I see Bible reading plans go off the rails because somebody is trying to study through a Bible reading plan. 

Bible reading plans are much longer reading sections and a day, whereas Bible study plans are maybe only a few verses a day. I try to read-read through about 5 to 10, maybe even 15 chapters a day… If I tried to study through that many chapters a day, that would literally be all I did with my entire day. 

You can't reasonably study through a Bible reading plan, so if you'd like to learn more about the difference between Bible reading and Bible study, I've got this video right here for you. 

Overall, reading through the entire Bible will change your life. 

Are you going to try it? Let me know in the comments below! I really want to know.

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