When God Answers Prayers

prayer story Jun 17, 2019

I didn’t realize tadpoles were going to be the answer to my prayers.

We were walking past a ditch on a road we had walked so many times before. Why I looked to see what might have been in the standing water, I am not sure. But today there was something there.


Just starting to sprout little legs, swimming through the water. There were too many to count! I had prayed that I would notice the little gifts God had placed throughout my day, and there they were. I didn’t want to miss out on something good He had planned for me, no matter how small.

I am not saying God always answers prayers with tadpoles. But I am saying that sometimes the answer to our prayers is unexpected.

I want to be able to hold my requests loosely before God, knowing that His plans are better than my plans. His schedule is better than mine, and His gifts for me are better than anything I could have dreamed up myself.


I am so glad that your ways are higher than my ways, and that your thoughts are higher than my thoughts. I have in my mind the way I think my days, weeks and months should go, but it is ultimately up to you how they unfold.

Help me to hold my plans with a loose grip, but grasp onto you with all my strength.

Help me not to blow past the little things, but to acknowledge that you are in the details, just as much as you are in the big picture. Guide my thoughts away from situations, and instead to You.

Thank you for faithfully being the God Who Answers Prayers.