"Who Told You That?" - Facing the lies we believe in shame

Jan 24, 2019

In Genesis, we get this picture of God creating the world. And in the middle of that creation story, He creates man and woman. These two beings he created, He puts in the middle of the garden He creates for them. All is right in the world, they are naked and there is no shame.

Not long after this all happens, there is a serpent that comes and messes things up. He convinces the woman that was created that she should eat some fruit that her Creator and God has told her to not eat. She then gives this fruit to the man, and all of a sudden they realize their nakedness and are covered in shame.

God comes in and is walking through the garden and they hear Him. God has a couple of questions for these people He created. Question 1, “where are you?” God, the omniscient, all-knowing God, asks these finite human beings where they are. He knows. But He wants them to tell Him. He wants them to talk to Him.

The man responds back to God saying that he was afraid and naked so he hid. How many times have we tried to hide from God in our shame? In our brokenness? But we can’t actually hide from Him. So why don’t we just open up? Tell Him. Where are you? What are you trying to hide from God?

The next question God asks is “who told you that…”? God is saying that He did not tell them to be ashamed. Shame did not come from God. Who told you that you should be ashamed? Are there any other lies about yourself you are believing? Who told you those lies?

When I am feeling shame, I hide from God. I try to bury the shame and guilt and God is simply calling “where are you? Who told you that I would not love you, even in your shame? Who told you that you were broken?”

When we run to God and tell Him where we are in this brokenness, He picks up the pieces and puts them back together. He is big enough for that. He is the ultimate creator. If He can create the world from nothing, He can create something beautiful with your pieces.


Where are you? Come back to God. He is calling.