Why I Journal My Prayers

Apr 12, 2019

When I sit down to read my Bible, I always read with a journal and a pen as well. I like to take notes on what I read in the journal, and I also write down my prayers. I now have a huge box full of journals that have my heart poured out in them. I can go back through seasons of my life where I trusted God, seasons where I doubted God, and seasons that I didn’t think I was going to make it through but did. Having those journals is a record of God’s faithfulness in my life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.



Like I said above, my journals are where I see God’s faithfulness the most in my life. When you are looking at life from a narrow lens of the right now, you miss out on what God has done in the past, and how He is using things that you didn’t expect for His glory and your good. Journaling is a good way to step back a little, and stop focusing so much on the right now, and start focusing a bit more on the big picture and how God is moving.


When I am super emotional, or trying to make a big decision, it always helps me to write it all down. I simply write every little thing that pops into my brain, and just get it all out on paper. My thoughts could make no sense, but it helps with processing, and it is always followed by a little peace. It doesn’t always resolve things right away, but I have at least poured my heart out to the One who cares more than even I could.


Have you ever been praying and then fell asleep? Or realized that the dishes needed to get done, so you go do them and then do 4 other chores before you realize that you completely left your prayer time? I have been there. So journaling helps keep me focused on God and helps me to not only get my thoughts out to Him, but also to sit still long enough to process what I think He is saying to me instead of rushing to the next thing.

Have you ever tried writing out your prayers? I challenge you to try it this week. If you don’t know where to start, sign up for my free 7 Day Jump Start: James, and you will get a journal prompt to go with the Bible reading daily!